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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Traxxas Slash VXL Review

When I heard Traxxas was taking their super popular 2WD Slash model to brushless I thought to myself, duh!  It seems like the most obvious upgrade of all time for the worlds most popular 2WD short course truck.  Coming with the Slash VXL is all the same features you love like waterproof everything and 2.4Ghz control and adds some of the really nice things that the Velineon system has.

I have to admit, the thought of running the 2WD slash on a 3S lipo does in fact appeal greatly to me, but I wondered does it even make sense to offer the brushed model anymore?  Sure stock racers and die hard brushed fans are still going to lean towards the standard slash, in addition the VXL model is going a bit more expensive but the VXL system certainly does sweeten up the pot.

Other Upgrades Over The Standard Slash

Traxxas grabbed the dual bellcrank system right off the standard slash 4X4 as well as in integrated servo saver to protect your steering from the inevitable crashes a truck with this kind of speed will do doubt endure.  They also integrated heavy duty drive shafts and a steel gear transmission to make sure you get every last drop of power from that beastly Velineon system.

To Buy It or Not:

This is actually a simple decision, it really comes down to what you want to do with it and what your budget is like.  If you were planning on upgrading to a brushless system anyway the decision makes total sense.  If you have the extra cash the upgrade makes it like a totally different truck.  If you are someone who is looking to race in stock classes at your local track, perhaps its best to stick with the brushed motor.

If you were to upgrade the stock brushless system to a Velineon system you are talking about an extra $150.00 for the motor and esc alone.  The price difference between the brushed Traxxas Slash and the Slash VXL is only about $110, so the money makes sense if you were planning on doing the upgrade at some point.

So we say, if you like brushless its an awesome value, something worth spending the extra money on, or waiting a few more weeks to save up for.  There is nothing like the Velineon system for bashers and having the ability to run the Slash on as much as a 3S lipo battery is a very exciting prospect indeed.  There are really only two reasons we can see to stick with the brushed system and that is if you are a stock racer, or low on funds.  Both valid reasons but for everyone else make sure this baby is the one you get if you’re looking for a 2WD short course truck.

7 thoughts on “Traxxas Slash VXL Review

  1. Matt says:

    I was thinking about the VXL when I bought my brushed Slash. My issue was that the local track didn’t have a class for it to race in. the only SC class was stock, which are the 12T motors, or a Novak 17.5 brushless. Its about as fast as the Titan 12T.

    I wound up buying a second chassis, and a Velineon Brushless setup to satisfy my need for speed. I keep the first truck stock for racing.

  2. Bigmooi says:

    I think that is what a lot of people are dealing with at there local tracks, you can only race if there is a class for it and from what I have seen 2wd brushed slash/SC is the class. However in part to the story, I think you can get by a lot cheaper if you do not go with the Traxxas Brushless setup. a leopard or a hobbyking 1/10 set up is like $60, which is a great deal if you are just going to bash or start racing.

  3. jeremy says:

    yea, good point.

  4. Headache777 says:

    I recently upgraded to this and I have to say that it is the best short course truck i have ever used. I recommend this to everyone.

  5. jojo24 says:

    If you look around on the internet, you can get one for under $300. Definately worth the extra 50 bucks over the stock brushed Slash plus you get the 4×4 bellcrank..I just got mine this week and it’s a blast! But remember to move the shocks in a notch for bashing, It’s set up out of the box for speed not bumps.

  6. austyn says:

    what should i get a traxxas slash 4×4 or a slash vxl this will be my first time buying from traxxas.

  7. Dawson says:

    I’m just getting into the rc hobby i want to get a traxxas slash vxl. Is that a good truck for a beginner or should I get something else?

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