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Traxxas Spartan Maiden Voyage-No OverHeat

Yes Kiddies! We have finally taken our brand new Traxxas Spartan out for its first run. If only I wasn’t such an idiot and I waited until now to buy it instead of rushing out in February to score it and then wait 3 months lol. Many people have been hating on the Traxxas Spartan for overheating and I am here to say we had no issues of the type yesterday. We were only running 5 Cell Lipo’s but we ran for a good amount of time and let me tell you this, The Traxxas Spartan RC boat is every bit as much fun as you might think it to be. In terms of filming we will have to get a little more creative as who wants to watch 3 minutes of us zooming back and forth but as you know RC NightMare has got something up our sleeves to make it looks amazing.

I was afraid first of all that the boat would be hard to handle and I might flip it, then have to swim my fat butt out in the cold water to go get it, however that just didn’t happen. I will say the turning radius left something to be desired but that is likely a big contributing factor to the fact I did not flip it, had I had the ability to turn more sharply I am sure I would of and I am sure I would of been more likely to roll the thing.

That said, we have another run scheduled for later this week, and hopefully we can test out 6S power for you guys to confirm our Rudder fix worked in terms of cooling, I have also been kicking around the idea of just going ahead and adding another cooling line to the Traxxas Spartan just for good measure and might have Brandon help me out with that before the next run.

That said the Traxxas Spartan RC Boat was super fun, super fast and worth the wait for sure. As we compile the footage for a running video, here are some pictures Cory took yesterday.

5 thoughts on “Traxxas Spartan Maiden Voyage-No OverHeat

  1. Mick Van Kampen says:

    Man am I disappointed with the Spartan. Out of the box, three upgrades: Lipos, Telemetry radio, trim tabs. Expectations are high. 90 seconds – over 150 F. Not good. On to the bench for some rudder reaming. Still not acceptable. But never mind that, what about the GPS? 41.5 mph. Bwah bwah bwah. Oh, and it leaks like a submarine with screen windows. Canopy shape doesn’t take tape well. I’m truly disappointed.

  2. whyldboy says:

    Can any body email and tell me what the best pair of batteries is
    for the traxxas spartan

    im looking for long run time and fast speed
    Thank You
    Please he back to me as soon as possible

  3. whyldboy says:

    my email adress is zachary.hofbauer@gmail.com

  4. jeremy says:

    2 X 5S 5000Mah…

  5. kevin says:

    how are you running 5 cells? 2 on one side and 3 on the other ?

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