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RC Nightmare Community Blog

What’s your RC story


I was flying over mounds of snow and patches of grass, wide open and testing the C rating of my lithium polymer pack, when it all went wrong!We all have horror stories, stories that involve carnage, yard sales, etc! We’ve seen the videos and read the highly exaggerated stories on the forums.


I love hearing these RC stories. The hobby that we have is just incredible isn’t it? There is something about an RC car careening across a parking lot, jumping sky high, or climbing a tree ending with a sick backflip that has the ability to make just about anyone smile. In fact, I think that this is the one thing that attracts me to the hobby the most. These simple thrills are an escape from the rest of the world. When my finger grabs the throttle of my pistol grip radio, I’m truly catapulted with my RC car over a jump that clears the gap between the stresses of engineering school and simple, pure fun.

The very beginning of my RC story began when I was in middle school, maybe 13 years old. I was exposed to an RC18T one weekend with some family friends in Michigan. My friends were driving it on a sandy path, drifting around like a rally car, showing off the little beast’s 4wd. I was absolutely stunned by how fast that this little guy could go! I wanted one. Badly.

Well, come February, guess what was on the top of my birthday list? An RC car. Not just any, but a “Hobby quality” one.

So on my birthday we headed over to the local HobbyTown USA to pick up my first car, an Associated RC10 T4. And that’s where it all started for me! In fact, I still have (and race) this car today! Now I’m a 20 year old college student completely addicted to RC.

Suddenly, without warning my mini E-Revo SMACKED into a fire hydrant at full speed. I hit it dead on! I just knew this must have caused catastrophic damage, so I didn’t even try to back up and drive off. Boy was I right! Upon checking vitals, I realized that my car had literally broken in half. In fact, the only thing that was holding the front suspension to the rest of the chassis was the servo link and shocks… “CRAAAP”. Of course, if you know anything about me, you’d know that I had it running again in just a few days, except $40 dollars poorer than I was before the crash.


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