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RC Nightmare Community Blog

When To Change Your RC Tires

If you are someone who likes to race your RC car or truck you are a little more familiar with tire changing than someone like me who simply bashes but in either case it is important to keep them functioning properly.  When you are just racing around your backyard or some random open field you’re not worrying too much about the tread left on your tires but if you are bashing among obstacles you wish not to hit then it does in fact matter.  If you are racing then it matters very much so, it matters in terms of traction, responsiveness, and overall lap time.  There are other occasions however, other than simply wearing down your tread that you would want to change out the tires on your RC car or truck and below you will find a few of them.

Different Goals:
It doesn’t matter if you are bashing or racing deciding what kind of tire you are running does matter.  There are a lot more applications than simply “racing” or “bashing” for example if you are bashing around on your own for fun perhaps a cheap pair of throw away tires will do.  If you are bashing for sport, say racing around in between trees and obstacles and traction matters there then perhaps you want to throw on a good set of off road tires.  The same is true of on road, if you are just tooling around and don’t care too much about the tires a cheap set will do, but if you decide you want to throw down some drag races, and say you are on asphalt there are tires better suited for that.  It really all depends on what you plan on doing.  There is a right tire for almost every application.

Different Surfaces:
If you happen to find yourself in a situation where your normally off road truck has become on-road this would be a good time to change your tires.  Not only will they grip better, but running the correct tires for the correct surface will prevent excessive wear.  Over simplified this means off road tires will wear quicker on road than they would in their normal application off road.

For this case it pays to keep an extra set of tires with you when you take off for a good bash.  You will be happy you have them if you end up on road when you were not planning for it.  If you are racing then going from mostly all terrain to something like sand would be a good example of a situation where a change is needed.

Good Old Wear and Tear:

Yes this is the old stand by of when to replace your RC tires.  In time the tread will wear like any tire and if you want to have the control you remember when your tires were new its time for a replacement.  Usually if I like a tire I like to order a spare set just so I don’t have to worry about it when it’s time to replace them.  Keep an eye on the tread, as it wears down you will lose traction and responsiveness to turns.  This is time to glue up a new set of RC tires.

One thought on “When To Change Your RC Tires

  1. Kenneth J says:

    I like this one alot, some good info. If I may add something mostly for the electric runners. I havent run nitro in a very long time so I wouldn’t want to say something that doesn’t apply to that genre. When you loose thread, in turn traction, the tires will spin more causing the motor to heat up as it will be working at a higher rpm to maintain what appear to be the same speed as though the tires had thread. Dont wanna blow that 150-200 dollar motor for the sake of 20-40 buck in tires would ya?

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