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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Why Better Cooling Means Better Driving

So I am learning more and more each day when it comes to the RC hobby in general, more specifically the competitive side of things.  I have recently been spending a lot of time at my local dirt track, racing short course truck modified circuit.  I have been spending a lot of time trying to get better.  One thing I noticed early on is after a few minutes, maybe 10-15 or so of racing my slash would turn off, well slow down and the red indicator light was flashing.

Warning: Total Noob Moment:

Forever I was just thinking that my battery had died, even though I was rocking 5000 Mah batteries I was Ok with it.  I would drive the truck onto the pit, take the battery out and put it on the charger.

What I noticed was the batteries were only taking about 2000 Mah before saying they are fully charged, that was when I finally put it all together, the battery wasn’t dying the motor and ESC were over-heating.  I felt like a total idiot, and I am glad I figured it out on my own.  I invested about 4o bucks into the Traxxas ESC cooling fan as well as a fan for the motor.  I raced back to the track after installing the extra cooling and found that my time on the track had doubled now with the additional cooling!

Why It Makes You Better

The reason is very simple.  The more lap time you can get in, the more practice you get, and ultimately the better you get.  If you are like me, and have to sneak out of the house go get extra lap time in, or operate on a limited time budget (like mine which is heavily regulated by a wife who lovingly refers to RC Cars as “toys”) the more efficient you can make your time at the track practicing the better you are going to fair when it comes to race day.

The small investment in cooling meant a lot more time having fun and honing skills for me and it is something you should keep in mind on your qwest to get better too!

9 thoughts on “Why Better Cooling Means Better Driving

  1. Walter says:

    I know Traxxas makes a ESC Fan and ever supplies the Plug but what about Motor Cooler and How is it Connected???

  2. jeremy says:

    I bought it for about ten bucks from tower hobbies it connects the same way the esc fan does you just need a splitter

  3. Walter says:

    Yes but where do you get a splinter

  4. jim says:

    love your site very informative. and i need that as i’m new to the hobby, i have a sc10 and my goal is to race!! from reading on your site i’ve decided to enter into stock class,@ my local track.. thanks a bunch keep up the good work,it help’s answer alot of questions for guys like me!!

  5. jerry says:

    you can also lower esc and motor temps by gearing down a bit. by gearing down, the motor and esc dont work as hard to accelerate. when i was racing 12th scale onroad, i could run a 30 tooth pinion on my associated 12L4 and actually run faster than a 31 or 32 because it was easier to push the car thru the air and my temps would be 25 to 30 degrees cooler at the end of the race.

  6. bonestock says:

    sounds like the fan is well worth the money

  7. dizzyinzo says:

    on my slash 4×4 i used the vl esc fan but on the motor integy makes a heat sink that you can mount a fan on and the heat sink alone lowered temps by 15deg so with the fan is was about 25. well worth the money

  8. vxlhammbone says:

    wow that just happend to me afew weeks ago when the weather was warmer,I couldnt figure out why my battery could have ran low so fast,but the red light was flashing so i shut it down and ran for the charger.Now i feel like a real rookie! well at least i’m learning.

  9. batman says:

    just like ur pc cooler is faster

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