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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Why I Prefer Electric

To be fair I’ve only owned one Nitro truck but that one truck is enough to tell me that I’m an electric kind of guy. I got the nitro truck since I’ve always thought they sounded so cool and thought it would be fun to bash with!  And YES, Nitros sound very very cool! On top of that, it was plenty fast out of the box. Now, I did do a bit of homework before the purchase and half knew what I was getting into. The tweaking/tuning really appealed to me. There is something about figuring out a temperamental engine that’s just so gratifying. But, overall the pluses do not outweigh the cons for me.

Since this truck was to be my bashing truck – to just drive around and have fun with – I would mostly be driving it around in my backyard or at the local park. The noise I once thought was so cool suddenly became a problem! It is loud! There have only been two instances where I thought the truck’s noise was bearable: when it was so far from me that it was hard to tell if it was moving forwards or backwards and when I had ear muffs (protection) on. I couldn’t have much fun always being worried about the noise disturbing my neighbor’s and their dogs.  Electric trucks make very little noise in comparison so I do not have the same concerns bashing around my neighborhood.

I have this theory that it costs more to run nitro than batteries. But thinking out about it, the cost of Nitro fuel is probably comparable to electric batteries. Roughly a gallon of fuel would last about 38 refills and a lipo should still be able to perform well after 40 charge cycles depending on the quality of the cells. If you got better quality cells you could get more cycles out of the batteries but then the cost per cycle wouldn’t be going down. The second point I have about fuel is that Nitro fuel/fumes is kind of toxic so you can’t really be running it in an enclosed space or around people. On the other hand, there are horror stories about Lipo’s bursting into flames (mostly from carelessness) so hmmm… draw on this one.

Electric vehicles are simply easier to set up and get going. You plug the battery into the ESC and the ESC into the receiver and turn the power switch ON to get the truck going. Perhaps I am not being fair here since I have only owned the truck a few months and may not have figured it out completely. Some days I want to spend the time to tune the engine and be satisfied. On the days I just want to have fun it gets irritating when the engine does not want to cooperate and the same adjustments don’t always yield the same effect. With electric, as long as the battery is charged, the ESC and motor aren’t fried, you are good to go! (again, I may just not have enough experience with Nitro yet)

I still love to bash around with my Nitro truck. However, with these considerations, I will be converting it to electric this winter. Should be a neat project in itself.

Let me know what you think about Nitro and electric and why you prefer each!

20 thoughts on “Why I Prefer Electric

  1. Condell says:

    I HATE the smell of nitro. At first I was like eh when I ran outdoors alone, then I went to race indoors. Ooooh man, my eyes were watering the whole time. I said goodbye to my Revo 3.3 soon after lol.

  2. jeremy says:

    Yea, I am actually kind of sad I didn’t fall in more love with Nitro. I still have a t-maxx sitting here that I hope to revive.

  3. Well, you mention here things that really made me think.

  4. Cody says:

    Electric > Nitro = Fact (Go Brushless!!!)

  5. andersonwal says:

    I love my T-maxx but i love the ease of use and the plug and play ability of my electrics more. The hearing the tmaxx screaming around the track and my backyard is deff a reward in itself but my electrics are far easier to take care of.

  6. jeremy says:

    yea man nothing beats the “roar” of nitro but frustration is tough to overcome at times.

  7. Allan says:

    The fumes made it difficult to tune the engine for very long lol ;)

    Maintenance was on my list of pros for electric but thinking about it more maintenance is required for either type. Just dirt without nitro fuel mixed in can be easier to clean up! :)

  8. yeah i agree. electric= awesome torque and minimal maintenence. nitro = yellow stains on your clothes and hearing loss lol

  9. jeremy says:

    lol that cracks me up

  10. Daveb says:

    lol i wish electric could turn the noise of nitro on and off. i just love the sound but hate the tuning.

  11. Matt says:

    I didn’t know what I was getting into and I bought a used Nitro Rustler. I couldnt get it started but finally did with help from a guy at work. I still need to do more work and not even sure where at. In the waiting process of getting someone to either buy, or help me get the nitro started, I went and got a Rustler VXL. I LOVE that car. Nitro running strong but still for sale.

  12. motokid249 says:

    yea my dad has a nitro they are a pain with all the tuning in idle,top end, and bottom end and when the smoke gets in your eyes it burns soooo bad. also the dumb pull starts are also a pain.

  13. ZZRguy says:

    I have had nitro before it was always pain tuning it everytime, but once you got it set it was a lot of fun, but I like my electric RC’s better.

  14. ZZRguy says:

    I was reading somewhere that they have different scents that you can put in the fuel and make it smell like vanilla, coconut, strawberries and so on.

  15. jeremy says:

    lol thats funny….no thanks for me!

  16. vxlHammbone says:

    thinking about a nitro to electric winter project myself,i need another electri for my daughter (age 9) MY RC10GT has been looking like a perfect candidate.

  17. jeremy says:

    for sure

  18. SportFury says:

    I like it all, lol. I like the smell and sound of nitro and I like the tuning aspect.. I see where brushless/Lipo is a great option
    Nice article!!

  19. jeremy says:

    smell +1….tuning -1

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