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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Why You Clean Your RC After Use

I just got home from yet another muddy, dusty, sandy run at the local RC track and I couldn’t be more ready to climb into bed and catch some well deserved sleep.  It occurred to me that I had better spend a little time cleaning up my truck.  The thing is, as you all know tomorrow has a way of never coming and when it comes to the upkeep you don’t really want to let things go too long.  Besides keeping your RC looking fresh there are a lot of moving parts that can experience build up each and every time you use it.  It doesn’t matter if you run a Nitro or an Electric RC there are a few things you can do each time you run it to make sure things stay running smooth.  Were going to look at a few tips on keeping your electric looking good, running good, and lasting long.

Compressed Air is Your Friend:

If you are not fortunate enough to either race at a track that has pressurized air available or have your own person compressor you can get a very similar effect after investing just a few bucks in canned air.  Personally I buy mine in bulk off the internet because if you end up going to your local Walgreens or something canned air can get pretty expensive.  That said, spending  a few minutes blowing off the dust and grime pays some serious long term dividends.

Small particles of dust and dirt are not necessarily something you have to be super worried about but over time they find their way into places you just do not want them and can cause some long term issues.

Water Should Be Used (but be careful):

The nice thing about running Traxxas brand RC’s is you don’t really need to be overly careful when it comes to using water since everything is already sealed up for you in most cases.  If you are running anything else, then of course you need to be a lot more careful when it comes to splashing too much water around.

Getting water inside electronics that are NOT waterproof is certainly no good news but then again neither is rust.  Usually when I use water to clean my vehicles I will use canned air after wards to blow out any standing water, some people even user a blow dryer!  I usually follow up with a little wd-40 to, to prevent rust build up.  Not only does rust look bad, it decays important parts your RC needs to move properly.  Use water to clean off dirt, grime, and keep your RC looking nice and clean.

Sure there are a lot of solid ways to clean your RC.  Some include using Fantastic (which we like), some people make their own solutions using things like salt, bleach, and other combination’s.  (which we do not like)  The reason we don’t like people mixing their own cleaning solutions is firstly from a safety standpoint, we don’t want people mixing up an explosive combination.  Secondly, there can be unintended consequences of mixing various solutions.  There hasn’t been a stain we haven’t been able to remove using good old water and a little elbow grease.  So here is to keeping that RC clean, running right and running long.

8 thoughts on “Why You Clean Your RC After Use

  1. tsteege says:

    Good article. I totally agree, it can be a pain, but if you don’t you will have a pain getting your wallet out later.

  2. Brandon S says:

    Great info here.

    Another small winter note for those living in Wisconsin, ROAD SALT. We love to paint our roads white at the first sign of ice. If you like to run your car in the winter around here, you have to clean it off immediately or all your pretty hardware will resemble something like old civic sheet metal =O

  3. jeremy says:

    Great tip, totally forgot about that!

  4. Steven says:

    I use an air compressor to blow out my whole rc. and i take apart the spur and pinion housing to clean off the gears with a pick (steel gears in a protective casing). Re oil the gear boxes every few runs.

  5. Adam says:

    It’s definitely a pain for me because i don’t have an air compressor and so i take my whole car apart and clean all the mud and dirt off it and then i have to put all back together again and there goes about 2 hours :(

  6. Handara says:

    i use a big paint brush to clean my car.

  7. Rian(runzwthscizzerz) says:

    Wow I’ve never thought of useing compressed air to clean my rc’s befor! kewl
    oh and is the Losi Strike as water proofed as a Traxxas Slash?

  8. runzwthscizzerz says:

    Hmm I never thought of using compressed air befor!

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