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RCNightmare Now Has A Flight Channel
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Thread: RCNightmare Now Has A Flight Channel

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    RCNightmare Now Has A Flight Channel

    Hey Guys!

    You may have noticed we have been pretty busy lately, and besides a major section launch scheduled on the site tomorrow we have also had time to begin a flight channel. This channel mostly features BSRC and his vast flight knowledge and guest appearances by me for shooting some sick running/flying videos. It's a total pain in the ASS to shoot those things, I have to get a lot better

    Anyway, if you like planes, heli's, and more do us a solid by shooting over to the new channel at the link below and hitting that subscribe button to keep updated. There are just under ten videos up already with another 10-15 to still come this month alone!

    I want to help Brandon out as much as I can so I am asking all of you who are interested to shoot over to the channel, subscribe, and comment away to help him out. If you know anyone else interested too, let them know.

    [url=]YouTube - RC Flight School[/url]

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    Awesome! Im excited to see RCn with all types of RC!

    Have we ever though of having a parent Channel with sub channels?


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