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WORLD'S first 1/7th Truggy/Custom Scale RC ???
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Thread: WORLD'S first 1/7th Truggy/Custom Scale RC ???

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    Lightbulb WORLD'S first 1/7th Truggy/Custom Scale RC ???

    Hey guys!

    I've recently converted my OFNA Dm-1 PRO (HONGNOR if you're in Europe) to offroad through some suspension and chassis mods...which resulted in a vehicle w/ more clearance and obviously more suspension travel...
    My original idea was to convert it to a truggy so here's the result:

    Nevertheless, I had a couple of onroad tires laying around thought:'' Why not man?''
    And realised I could make a different scale out of it, short course style scale, only in 1/7th scale...
    here's the vid:

    I also fit an old MGT 4.6 (Thunder Tiger MTA4 if you're in Europe) body on it and it was ready to go...

    Please guys tell me what you think and give me some advice xD!
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    O Dissecador RC
    that rocks!
    i think i haven't saw it with the mta4 body!

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