Hi guys,

This is my first thread so I'd like to share what happen with me today...

Today I decided to charge my HPI Savage Flux Batteries, so I went to the car to take the batteries out of the truck as I always keep them in disconnected from the ESC after playing.

I discovered today that I didn't disconnect the batteries from the ESC since last time and it has been connected for a week or two approximately.

The packs looks fine, there is no bubbles or any increase in the size. I'm using ( UB Power Li-Po Battery, 5200 mAh, 11.1V 3S Cont. 30C/Burst 60C )

So I decided to charge them... I'm using the Q6AC QuadPlay AC/DC Multi-charger. I've prepared my Li-Po Guard bags and connect the batteries to the charger, set the charger on "balance" and start it, after starting it rights way an alarm tone was ringing and a notification message showed on the screen telling " Low Voltage Battery ".

I believe the Packs are dead now,,,,

If you have any information regarding my issue please feel free to reply to share our experience.