Hey guys (Brandon): I just bought an EDF system and am converting an old nitro ducted fan jet over to EDF. I bought an E-Turbax with a CC 160HV speed control with a Neumotors 1527/1.5y and a 12s2p battery setup to power it all. I've made the necessary modifications to install the fan and equipment, but being as I'm more gas oriented in my flying, I need a little assistance/ guidance in setting this up. Brandon - I've watched your video on parallel charging a couple of times. My batteries are 6200/3s 11.1V 35C wired in series to make 2 6S 22.2V packs. These need to be connected together to make the 12S 44.4V pack for the motor. Now for my questions - what type of series connector do you recommend I use to put the 2 big packs together? (the batteries came without connectors) Second, what charger and accessories do you recommend for this setup. Thanks in advance to everyone who is willing to offer some advice.