I currently have a racers edge 2010 surecharge system which can charge all battery types, but yesterday i began to charge my first lipo battery and it took forever! I did a balance charge like your supposed to and everything was setup right, but it would put too much charge into the first cell, then have to drain it back down. This drain process would take almost an hour in itself. Then the charging would begin once again..... Does anyone else have this charger and possibly have had this same issue? I have a 5000mah 7.4v venom 2 cell lipo and i manually set the amps to 5 and the voltage to 8.4. It would eventually go above 8.4 and cell one would get up to 140mv over before it would shut down then i would have to do the drain. I played with the settings after about 5 hours of waiting for it to charge and found an auto setting for the voltage. After setting it to auto, it never went above 8.4v and the battery was done charging in about 20 minutes. Help please.....maybe if i just leave it in auto it will balance charge quickly like its supposed to......????
One last thing.....is it possible to do parallel charging with this system if i get a multi-charge balance board?