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Lipo Question
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Thread: Lipo Question

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    Lipo Question

    I have a Venom 2s 5000 40C Lipo and it is only a couple months old and it has worked great till today. Im running it in a B4 and was out with it today and took a small jump and landed right on the rear of the buggy and it stoped dead no power, I have been having problems with the power switch on my ESC and changed the ESC out but still had no power. I checked the power of the pack and it showes 0.00 on my meter with the leads in and out of the pack....can anyone tell me whats wrong with it

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    it sounds like a solder joint came loose inside the pack. You could send it to them for repair. It might be out of warranty, I'd have to check their warranty policy for sure.

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    I would say lipo is gone, venom lipos are pretty cheap. Also for esc you can cut off power switch and just twist the wires together and it will be just fine. Your battery will be ur switch, plugged in is on unplugged is off.
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    Thanks for the info guys...I have talked to Venom and im going to send it to them to look at

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