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What's the best charger out there that can do 2 lipos at one time?
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Thread: What's the best charger out there that can do 2 lipos at one time?

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    What's the best charger out there that can do 2 lipos at one time?

    I prefer one that doesnt need an external power supply, and also isnt very expensive. Thanx guys

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    Rather than buying a charger which can charge two batteries at once, you may be better off getting a good single battery charger and using a parallel charging board ($10 from hobbyking), as demonstrated in this video by rcnightmare:

    [url=]RC Parallel Battery Charging For Lipo RC Batteries - YouTube[/url]

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    Ok, then let me ask you this question. If my current charger can charge up to 8A and i have two 5000mah lipo batteries, how can i charge them both at 5a? I would need to boost it up to 10A to be able to charge both batteries at 5a correct? I actually found a good/cheap charger over at that i could add to my charger collection for only $60! I currently have the racersedge 2010 surecharge system so then i would have 2 single charging systems.

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    if you are charging 2 x 2s 5000mah you can use this IF your charger is more than 80w
    [url= cts_id=47]2S Twin Charge Adaptor - $3.95 : EP Buddy, We Power Your RC Hobbies![/url]

    i looked it up and racers edge website didnt give wattage on it

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