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need to confirm charging correctly
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Thread: need to confirm charging correctly

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    need to confirm charging correctly

    Yeah this sounds stupid but I just picked up a new radient ascend charger and 2 nimh 3300 8 cells. Please confirm that I'm hitting all the settings correct. 1) set to nimh. 2)set ma to 3300. confirm . It begins to charge and takes about an hour. charger gets warm. Is this all normal. I had one charger go up in smoke!Also, why would a battery charge say complete at 850 ma and in only 15 to 16 minutes. I just want to confirm that what I'm doing is correct and I'm not missing something on a charge procedure. lol Thanks for your help

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    sometimes, you have to restart it when it gets "done" like that. sounds right though! what other settings are their on the charger? voltage?

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