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Question about my NiMH packs....
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Thread: Question about my NiMH packs....

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    Big Al

    Question about my NiMH packs....

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and I'm looking for some advice please. I just picked up a Summit, beautiful machine. Anyway, as far as charging is concerned is it ok to charge my packs the night before and then use them in the morning, or is it better/safer/longer battery life to charge them right before I run them?? Also I can run dual 4500 mah packs on my Summit (1/10) without damaging the ESC etc correct?? One last thing, I want to charge multiple batteries at once, i have the Ex Peak Plus from Traxxas, would I charge them in series or parallel or?? Any help would be greatly Appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    I charge mine the night before and then use them the next day with my Emaxx. You lose a few minutes of run time from them waiting overnight but it won't ruin your batteries at all. I have the Mamba Monster edition but the stock summit ESC can run two 7 cell nimhs(doesn't really matter the Mah of the packs)Hope this helped you.

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    it wont hurt it at all but if you leave it charged for more than 3 days than i would discharge it or use it up

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