Hey there, bit of a noob here, with a nooby question. I've just gotten back into R/C with a Slash 4x4 after many years in the wilderness (when I was younger I had a Tamiya Hotshot, Monster Beetle and Falcon) and so all this LiPo/NiMH stuff is pretty new to me. I'm pretty sure here in NZ we only got power to our houses last year haha

I have recently bought the Duratrax Onyx 235 charger to charge my LiPo and NiMH batteries which looks to be the ideal solution for me, but I have noticed a slight issue when charging the LiPo battery that I would like some advice on.

My LiPo battery is a Turnigy Nano 3C 4500 mAh and I have set up the charger with all the correct settings for this pack. The first time I charged it through it was fine, and put about 3000 mAh into the pack (since it was part charged when I got it presumably). The second time I charged it, it seemed to be fine, but the readout for CHG. Cap (charge capacity) had exceeded the rated mAh for the pack ie. it went over 4500 and up to 4800 mAh. As soon as I noticed this I stopped the charger manually by unplugging it since I didn't really want it to explode and burst into flames.

I figured I would try it in my truck and it worked just fine, wasn't down on power or anything and lasted the right amount of time and didn't get especially hot.

So I tried charging it again and seemed to do the same thing, though I let it go for a while longer, and it did shut down itself but only after putting 4760 mAh into the pack. All the cells are balanced and charged correctly.

So I guess what I'm asking is, should I be worried about this or is this normal function for the charger/ LiPo charging in general?