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onyx 240 dual charger?
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Thread: onyx 240 dual charger?

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    onyx 240 dual charger?

    Hey i have a summit and have to run dual batteries. I got he duatrax 240 onyx dual charger and charge my two 3000mah traxxas packs and four onyx 5000mah packs. All nimh and i kept he first two onyx together and the second set together. I run them and the onyx first set takes sometimes 600-1000 mah more in on pack than the other. The other set takes usually within a couple hundred of each other and the traxxas set is the same with a hundred r two difference. I am assuming one pack has a weak cell or something or is it that one side draws more in the truck?

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    that very well could be the case... just remember being a couple hundred mah away from each other is fine, now being 1000 mah away very well can mean a bad cell or 2
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