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Thread: Lipoly question

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    Lipoly question

    So I Have a onyx 235 and It has those banana plugs for the leads to my venom 11.1v 5000mah 50c battery and Ive accidentally shorted them and don't have a lipo bag and someone said that's dangerous, Should i be worried in the future? Also I'm looking in upgrading my brushed e-revo, I wanted a tekin system and new pair of lipos can I parallel on that charger? also is turnigy a good lipo manufacturer for the price?, because im all about bashing and cant afford max amps or thunderpower.

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    I always try to use a Lipo Bag just for saftey . You can buy a lipo bag from ebay under $5 bucks . I have 3 Turnigy Lipos I got from Hobbyking I think they are great. I've heard gens lipos are better but my friends gone through 2 of them and my are still going strong I also use the onyx 235. You can parallel charge them but you need the proper balance board and make sure you input the right setting rcnightmare has a great vid on youtube about parellel charging LiPos I dont do it just because I think its a little safer 1 at a time.

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    The gens ace loops are awesome they are very comparable to high ends like maxamps.

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    i have dynamite lipos and they are amazing
    i am the revoman

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