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Multi charging lipos
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Thread: Multi charging lipos

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    Multi charging lipos

    I want to be sure I completely understand how to multi charge my lipos before I do something silly.
    I've done a lot of research watched rcnightmares video and some others on multi charging so I just want to verify with you guys. Here goes:

    I'm planning on charging at most 6x3300mAh 6s lipos. Right now I have the Hyperion EOS0615i Duo3.

    1. If I charge at a charge current of 1A the settings to balance charge is 6x3300mah= 19800mah. Is this correct or should the charge current be 19.8A? How long would this take?

    2. If I were to up the current to 2C or 5C what would this imply? The batteries I have have a 10C max charge rate. On the track if I wanted to charge one pack very fast at 10C what would the settings be.

    3. What type of power supply would I need for a wall mounted supply and would a car battery work for this type of setup.

    I really would appreciate having this cleared up before I do something silly.

    Thanks guys!

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    put 3 on each side paralleled
    3x3300 6s = 1x9900 6s = 9.9A. but with the power avaialble to charge 6s lipo that would only be 7.1A on the charger you have.
    1) 19800mah yes,1C = 19.8A, depends on the power of the charger
    2) One pack 3300mah 1C = 60min plus a few extra to balance maybe 70min in total.
    same pack at 10C = 6min plus a few min to balance
    3) I don't understand that question.
    The more watts the charger has the more power it has. running 6s you need power.

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