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Charging Lipo @ less than 1C
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Thread: Charging Lipo @ less than 1C

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    Charging Lipo @ less than 1C

    Hi everyone,

    Advise needed: Would you recommend charging Lipo's at less than 1C?

    I've just got back into the hobby after a 15 year absence and Lipo's are all new to me.

    I have a Traxxas E-Revo Brushless Ed. and have just taken delivery of 2 X SMC 7.4V 9200mah 50C. My charger is an Onyx 245 dual battery charger with max 5A per channel/battery?

    Will I need to buy a new charger (Im thinking I will have to) as the instructions that came with the Lipo's do not recommend charging at less than 1C = 9.2A or more than 2C = 18.4A and also say never trickle charge?
    I hope I'm calculating this right? The batteries are 2S2P.

    Could I merge the 2 battery charging ports into 1 making 10A and charge 1 Lipo at a time?
    If yes how would I merge the balance ports?

    I'm hoping I don't have to buy a new charger but I think it's inevitable.

    Here is a pic of my setup:

    I look forward to your replies

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    Its fine i believe if you just charge at 5amps steady. Its going to be about 2 hours maybe but you wont have to spend any extra money on another charger. Some tips though is keep the charger cool by sticking a fan on the heat sinks cause 2 hours of 5amp charger is going to get pretty warm.

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    They just recommend that because the batteries wont punch as hard if they arent charged at atleast 1C. It wont hurt the pack. If anything it may increase the life of the pack.
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