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A little help with traxxas grave digger 1/10 battery
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Thread: A little help with traxxas grave digger 1/10 battery

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    Question A little help with traxxas grave digger 1/10 battery

    hi, i have a traxxas grave digger 1/10 it comes with nihm 3000 7c 8.4v and a very slow charger 8 hours. im thinking to buy a new charger and another battery. do u think i should buy the same battery or you can recomend me another one that is better but nihm too. by better i mean long lasting, and what charger.

    ive seen 2 chargers:
    -Traxxas 2932 EZ-Peak 2 Amp AC Fast Charger
    -EZ-Peak NiCad / NiMH Charger with Traxxas Connector

    and please what other battery should i buy.

    my stock battery runs for about 20 minutes and it charges in 8 hours so...........

    anyone please help decide, i live south america and i only now how to buy from

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    any of the onyx chargers are awesome. Do you want a 7cell or 6? When I started out, I got 2 venom 3000 mah batteries, but they aren't very good. I also have a 4900 mah battery and it is really good.

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    get a charger and battery off of
    you can get a nihm 8.4v 5000mil for 20 compared to getting the same stock battery for 25
    as for cargers you can get them off of the same website and they came be dual chargers and can charge nimh and lipos
    saves you money and time

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    no soldering needed, plug in play, charge in around 45-55minutes. i have the charger works excellent but you will need to get an adapter for molex/tamyia to traxxas as listed above.
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