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build or buy rtr
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Thread: build or buy rtr

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    build or buy rtr

    im wondering if i shout buy or build th b4.1

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    Build it, there are soo many more benefits of building. You can tweak everything as you build it

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazybearrc View Post
    Build it, there are soo many more benefits of building. You can tweak everything as you build it
    I agree with ^^^ and when you build it you know what actually was used while building it, Loc-tite for example. Sometimes RTR's have a few bolts that dont get loc-tite on them. Plus you get to put your choice of servo's in the kit not their choice.

    Now if you just want to get the kit and go out and run it w/o the hassle of building it then by all means get a RTR.


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    umm mods....remove spam users......thanks, also since its the b4, i say buy the rtr, take it apart and build it. the kit doesnt really come with any super hopups making it worth while. my thought

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    kit, you can just buy all the electronics that you want, and if anything ever goes wrong, you can say you know how to do it!!

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    Building is a great way to familiarize yourself with the vehicle. If you build a kit and invest your time, you're likely to take better care of it as well.

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    Jeremy also recently posted a video on the [URL=""]RTR vs Build[/URL] topic on the Friend of RC YouTube Channel. Check it out for some more info on the advantages/disadvantages of both!
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    build is just more expensive haha

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    kinda depends. if your not racing or dont race that often, i would buy rtr. but if your gonna race at least once a month. i would go ahead and get the b4.1ft kit.
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    Yeah Jeremy's video will give you all the good bullet points to consider. If you want to ride the fast-track to R/C knowledge, build the kit. If you want to get to the track fast, RTR.

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