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rc18r exotek conversion build
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Thread: rc18r exotek conversion build

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    rc18r exotek conversion build

    OK, here we go, so i picked up this little guy(rc18r) off craiglist for pretty cheap, came with stock electronics, but thats ok cause the price was more than right and i only needed parts from the car as i was planning on getting the exotek chassis and convert it over. Exotek chassis is carbonfiber and has a wider wheel base for improved handling, which there is!!!

    after putting my chassis together, it became time switch over all the parts from the stock 18r, like arms, diff box and so fourth, as well as my electronics.

    also to help with steering, i lowered the car very low and added 2mm worth of spacers in the front and 3mm worth of spacers in the rear, using 40 wt oil.

    as far as electronics, i tried to run a 3s with the reedy 9500kv motor setup, epic fail, shutsdown after 3 min. run time. dropped to a 2s and everything works GREAT!!!

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    Also a side note for any rc18r owners, exotek claims there body will only fit the exotek chassis, it will fit the stock chassis, just the arms are a little more inside, which might not be a bad thing.

    here is my rc18r after the body has been painted.

    and lastly, a few vids of it in action.
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    heres one more video with a different body, but same car

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    This is totally should upload these pictures to our gallery.....thank you so much for sharing this.

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    so by gallery, do you mean my profile or something???

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    lol, nm i see the gallery thread now. DUH lol

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    thats a sweet car, Had an 18t but it just was a mess. Brushless moters just ruined the fun lol..

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    wow all these pics are very nice thanks for sharing these pics here share some more.

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