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Thread: ntiro running problem

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    ntiro running problem

    i got a new rc monster truck and i am breaking it in so i have already idled it through 2 tanks of fuel but the 3rd tank i am trying to run it around slow but whenever i start it and press the throttle the engine cuts off? and i have no idea what to do??

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    Sounds like your needle settings are off. Try resetting the High Speed Needle(HSN) and Low Speed Needle(LSN) back to the stock factory settings. Also could be a burnt out glow plug. Breaking in a new engine is hard on glow plugs because the first couple tanks are rich and fouls out the glow plug.

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    Chances are your at factory setting, factory settings are for break in purpose. When your return or start at factory settings chances are your hsn is way to rich. Try turning your hsn(high speed needle) in about 1/8 turn and move in 1/16 turns after that.

    The factory setting provides enough fuel to lube and flush out tiny bits of metal that collect during the break in processes. Once your trucks on the ground running it has too much fuel and you ”flame out” meaning your glow plug cooled and will not ignite the fuel

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