Hello everyone. Im trying to hunt down a new cooling head for my pico .27 outlaw. It's been laying around for a couple years and my gf kids have been hounding me to get it running. I've have done some searching on the net and have seen some aftermarket heads available. I would like to know of any aftermarket companies that would make a replacement head for my engine. I was also wondering if I have to spend 80-90 dollars for a head would it be even worth sinking money into an older engine. It prob dosent have more than two tanks ran through it. I have not torn it apart yet to see what else if any parts Are needed. Also I've read that engine was only produced for a year. Are any other cooling heads interchangeable. I know it has six fasteners holding on engine. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated, any recommendations on a good place to order parts. Thanks for any help.