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RC18mt issues
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Thread: RC18mt issues

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    Question RC18mt issues

    hello last year i have picked up a RC 18 MT its a great truck but right out of the box it had a clicking noise i think is co-ming from the rear diff i took a look inside al the gears check out to be OK so if any one has any idea what it could be let me know ,

    also i have been having problems with the lower shock caps busting off and oil leaking out would the aluminum shock set fix this or transfer the damage to other parts of the car.

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    Take a look at the pinion and spur gears. If it's one of those gears that is missing or has a flattened tooth, there's your problem. Very common problems with the 1st gen Associated 18s. Open gear mesh allows rocks and such to get it and damage the gears. can't tell you how many times that's happened to my 18T

    But the catch with that and the part I don't quite understand is you saying it happened right out of the box?

    EDIT: About the lower shock caps blowing off. I had the same problem. Make sure if/when you refill them put a bit less then you think you need or it will keep happening, trust me :l

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