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revo 3.3 or savage x 4.6?
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Thread: revo 3.3 or savage x 4.6?

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    Post revo 3.3 or savage x 4.6?

    please need help between these two cars i can't decide which one to get!

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    sorry i put this in the electric section i didn't realise

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    As owner of both......

    As owner of both, I can recommend both.

    Both are GREAT trucks. There are many pros and cons to each. Such as, the chassis. The savage is built like a tank with TVP plates and a very 'clean' design. It would be more durable than the REVO. The Revo, on the other had has a lot going on in the chassis. It looks very complicated. The revo has a smaller engine than the savage but it is also lighter. Traxxas, hands down has the most innovative design. But I think that is just some traxxas fanboy's opinion. Traxxas revo IMO is my ownly nitro truck right now. Why did I sell my savage? To get a savage flux hp of course!

    All in all,
    I have concluded
    Get revo for easier tuning. I have found that it is easier to tune.
    Lower noise. It is not that loud on the stock engine.
    What I absolutely HATE about the revo is the engine position. It requires a special starter box to use if you are using a starter box.
    The EZ-START is the worst thing that Traxxas has done to it! I took it off right after break in.

    Savage. Harder to tune, more fun driving, built like a tank, solid, heavier, larger engine, can take more abuse and does not need a lot of upgrades to get it super bashable.

    If you do get a revo, do the following:
    Get rid of EZ-Start. Use it for breakin then sell it.
    Replace the push rods with upgraded ones. I broke it on my first jump after breakin.
    (optional) install an OS .21 revo engine. It is a great upgrade. I use a starter box with my revo on those mods.

    Hope this helps.

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    get the revo
    1. its traxxas
    2. tons of parts
    3. its traxxas!

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    I'm just getting back into the hobby and have neither,BUT the last 2 trucks I owned when in th ehobby before was (the "New and improved",LOL!) T Maxx 2.5 and a (also "New and improved!") Savage 25 RTR....I remember loving both of them,and both being awesome trucks. IDK how that would apply to today's trucks,but looking at them hard they look like updated versions of the rigs I had then...point being,it'd be a hard decision for sure,but at least you know that you couldn't really make a bad decision here. Any updates?

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