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Steel Spur Gears
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Thread: Steel Spur Gears

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    Steel Spur Gears

    I stripped my first Traxxas Spur gear and got a new one today. Put it on, stripped again, the pinion keeps moving forward. Is it a good idea to spend $20 on a racing steel gear?
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    yes and no
    yes because they last a long time and usually never strip
    i run one
    and no because there has to be somthing on the tranny that can give if you land on the throttle
    even though you have a slipper clutch
    if the slipper clutch is to tight then something has to give and its usually inside the tranny

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    Pinion keeps moving forward? Are you saying the pinion is sliding on the motor shaft. If so, then Cleen up the grub screw and use blue locktite. Don't run the RC for 24 hours to let thread lock dry. Now if you are saying the pinion is moving, then it could be that the motor is moving due to loose or stripped out motor mount screws. If so remove the screws and check them for damaged threads. This happened to me, my motor kept comming loose due to stripped threads on motor. I just repositioned the motor to use the other mounting points(the other screw holes). I wouldn't recommend steel spur. Your problem should be easy to fix and you should be able to keep using traxxas plastic spurs. Hope I helped. Later

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