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Mt4 new motor/esc combo
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Thread: Mt4 new motor/esc combo

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    Mt4 new motor/esc combo

    Hey guys my first post on here.
    I have just fried my in the mt4 from water getting into it. Now I'm putting the 2000kv motor into a hyper st and was going to buy a mamba monster set up for the mt4 but just seen a couple reviews on the Tekin rx8/t8 combo and people are raving about them. Question is with all these different kv options which would be the best for bashing in the mt4
    I was thinking the 1700? I don't really understand if a lower of higher kv is better

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    high kv goes faster but has less torque while low kv goes slower but has more torque. depends on how you drive it and what you put it in. correct me if im wrong its been a while since ive been back
    Thats what she said.

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