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Thread: Bringing my Son into the Sport...Advice?

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    Bringing my Son into the Sport...Advice?

    I'm bringing my 7 year old son into the hobby and I need to get some advice from any other fathers who got their kids into the hobby. I used to race Nitro trucks and cars on both on and off road but dropped out and flew planes for nearly 8 years. I want to get my son into trucks but I need to know what truck would be a good starter. I think I'll narrow it down to electric for now but I'd like to get something of good quality that has good parts availability. We don't really have a good hobby store nearby so the internet will be my primary source for parts. I have'nt been up to date on the most common form of racing but I'd like to stay in the most popular to keep our interests so please tell me what you've seen (ex. buggy, stadium truck, monster truck, etc.)

    My son has Radioshack type cars right now and shows good control so I think he'll be able to handle a moderately fast truck.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Seeing as how he is only 7, I would get some cheaper. I'm sure he won't really know the difference, and you want to protect yourself in case something unfortunate happens. Get him going cheap and in a few years upgrade.
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    Traxxas Stampede/Monster Jam 2wd is a good starter truck. Lots of after market parts, And it's tough. Plus its in the sub
    $250 price range. The Grave Digger 30th Monster Jam comes with the TQI 2.4 gig radio.
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    Man that is good that you want to get him a hobby grade RC. A friend of mine was looking at a truck for his young son the other day. He showed it to me and I was impressed. It is the HPI wheelie king. There also is a monster jam bounty hunter body version that you can get. I think it is cheaper than the traxxas monster jam line up. I am a big traxxas fan, but the running videos of this wheelie king really impressed me. Check it out online when you get a chance. Peace

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    get a traxxas
    traxxas you can get parts for on almost any website
    and they are really durable
    the price up front it pretty bad but after that you will be really suprised on how much you get for your money

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