Hi Guys,
Looking for all 1/10 monster truck users of the E-MAXX / E-REVO monster truck and equivalent type model is the Southern New Jersey Area.

I am in the process of developing RC Adventure Park, but in the beginning (phase 1) I plan to start with a 1/10 large scale dirt oval and jump track, a free style area for jumps, hills as well as various terrians to show off the speed and verasitility of the monster trucks and a Proshop included for cars and parts.

If for some reason, I can get a group of supports to join this park and it becomes successful, it will expand with a Drift track, a Drag track, a rock crawler section, a 1/10 onroad course with 3 configurations and an offroad short track

I'm looking for it to be in the Williamstown area and I would like feedback from the guys in the Southern NJ area to comment on if this is something you would get involved with.

I have a 3D artist putting together a rendering of what the park will look like.
Phase 1 will be roughly 1.5 acres.

Rendering will be available shortly

Your positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated.
more info to come later...just want to get a thread going.