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aftermarket shocks?
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Thread: aftermarket shocks?

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    Nov 2012

    Talking aftermarket shocks?

    Hey guys,
    I have a mugen eco 1/8 scale buggy.
    The other day I was being a bit too adventurous and managed to break both my front shocks (hitting things at high speed will do that haha)

    Anyway I was just wondering if you guys could recommend me which aftermarket shocks I should buy as a replacement or should i just buy the stock mugen shocks again?

    Any sugestions are appreciated!
    Thanks and I hope you guys have a great new year

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    I think you should just replace them with the stock shocks. I haven't heard of any using aftermarket shock on a Magen. BTW, I don't own a Mugen but I would just replace it with the stockers if I owned one.

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    Did you actually break the shock, or just the shaft? If you broke the shock, there's not really anything that'll be stronger, you're already running aluminum shock bodies. If you broke the shaft, just get a replacement one and call it good.

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