from the late 80s to around 96 I was into rc cars in a big way. I still have a 80 ft banked oval out in the back with shop. I have not fired up anything since 96. of coarse, all ni-cad. I ran a 14 turn motor with an esc rated to 12 cells , 1800 mah ni-cad on both the trucks and buggys. All around good combo for this track. What would be the same in an brushless motor-lipo-esc. A 14 turn brushed motor would be the same as a ____ turn brushless motor. I see mah has gone way up. used to get 5 min tops with matched packs. A simple as can be esc , easy set up, don't need much for an oval. 4s for brushed or brushless, I still have boo coo brushed motors. all advice welcome.