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Thread: bashers

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    whats a good 4wd 1/10 or 1/8 basher from $0-$400. I'm trying to stay away from traxxas because i already got a pede 4wd vxl.

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    or any moster truck with big tires,
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    Redcat caldera 10e. I've beat the heck outta mine and its still running like a champ. If you buy one just make sure you tighten all the screws and use blue loctite if possible. Its brushless and Lipo ready for under $200 and has 2.4 ghz system. I have no affiliation with redcat but I just think they're a good value for the money. Bought the caldera for myself and the volcano epx pro for my son. Son abused his pretty bad (hes 5) and put it outta commission. Their customer service has really been great in trying to get it back running. Just my 2 cents.

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    I know you said stay away from traxxas.. But there is a couple other good bashers they have. I got a couple 1/10 summits and they are awesome. I have beat the Crap out of it. So i would say a used one of them. Or a mini summit but they don't have the locking diffs. But are brushless already. They say the short course are good too. The thing i like about the summit is The revo platform. Would love to see a 1/5 scale summit!!
    There are a couple hpi trucks too. The savages are pretty good. They have a couple other ones like the bullet. Anything flux they have is the brushless.
    My big deal was the waterproof and traxxas reliability.

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