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VXL-3s ESC Button Sticks
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Thread: VXL-3s ESC Button Sticks

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    Angry VXL-3s ESC Button Sticks

    This is an ongoing problem for so many people. Today the button on my ESC on my Slash began to stick. Now both my Slash AND my Rustler are having the problem. This is unacceptable and I really think it can't be me because the ESC on my Rustler began to do it the 4th time I ever drove it. I can't fix it without voiding the warranty. I find it unfair that we should have to send in our ESC's and have to pay for replacements when this is Traxxas's problem and from what I've heard has been for a while. Can anyone tell me what they did about this problem? How much is if going to cost me to send em both in? Or what esc's should I get instead? I love Traxxas, I hate to say anything bad about them. but this is kind of ridiculous. Who knows? Maybe it's a scam.

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    it will cost the shipping charge and I believe it's about 50.00 repair fee(unless under warranty, then call and I think they pay for it all)

    I myself ripped the button off, but then again I also bought the castle MMP instead so I didnt care if it was no longer waterproof. It then came out of my slash and now sits on a shelf with the rest of garbage electronic's just in-case I have issues with the castle..."Knock on wood"

    The VXL is the most BS ESC I have found in all my years of racing and building RC's, the first VXL I had died after the first week of owning the darn thing... got it replaced for free but just about right after I had received the new one the button failed. I do know of a few ppl that race here that have had MANY issues with the VXL-3 ESC and vow never to use them again.... Go with castle

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    I've had my Rustler VXL ESC going for 1 year and 6 months and I have never had mine stick. The key is to not press it too hard. If you jam the button in, the button will jam itself in.

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    Ive never had the button stick happen to me. But its cause little rocks or sand gets under the button and thats how it gets jammed. Ive never run my truck in sand cause its a pain in the ass to clean all the darn sand out, You could try and glue a shock bladder over the button and that should help. I read that on a differrent forum a few months ago.
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