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souds like gears stripping, tell me what you think. - Page 2
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Thread: souds like gears stripping, tell me what you think.

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    check the spur for any chipped teeth happened to me on my circuit made a few pogs out of the spurs because when you take off from a stand still the pinion grinds the spur shorting some of the teeth after all that i finally switched to a team associated gear and nevers happens again so now run your finger along it and see if there are any rough spots then replace it it will go from smooth to rough

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    I honestly think I need to tighten the slipper clutch, just waiting for the weekend. I did look at the teeth and they looked ok.I will let you all know Saturday or Sunday eavening, what it was.

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    those traxxas pinions suck, get a rr like anderson said... and as far as the noise goes, its probably ur diff

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    i agree from this answer if you are using the stock traxxas pinion, change it out, preferably to a robinson racing pinion cause the metal they use is harder. IMO the traxxas metal is too soft so the pinions sharpen really quickly, especially on brushless power. When the pinion sharpens it starts shredding the spur gear, i went through 5 spurs on my slash before i finally figured it out. also the fact that your tires are gripping better now will make the pinion sharpen much faster.

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