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Thread: Hello?

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    Where has everyone been on the forum? Its like the desert.

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    I've been working, extended hours + no weekends for the last month = no time for RC. I've stopped by here a few times though, only to see zombie threads. Why can't people look at the dates on these threads? If someone was trying to decide what to get back in 2010, chances are they've made a decision.....if not, I'm willing to bet that they're not checking their thread anymore.

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    monday - friday 7:30 - 4:00 @ work
    saturday and sunday iv been having to put work in on my 1:1 car (this weekend i adjusted the breaks and clutch. next weekend i fix what fails or doesn't work right during the week). then iv got jury duty the week after that (they nail me every 2 and a half stinking years i swear. anybody want to commit a felony with me?).

    i am prepping for a new RC though. went out today and bought a MMP. stoked about it. sometime this week i will be placing an order on tower. so be looking for a build thread on that in the next few weeks.

    been taking my xxxt to work about once a week, running it on my lunch break. that's about the only time i have for RC right now. still checking in on the forum when i get home from work. but there doesn't seem to be anything going on.
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