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need help fitting old rims to new tires
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Thread: need help fitting old rims to new tires

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    need help fitting old rims to new tires

    Hello. I have an 1980..ish tamaya frog. Sand Rail. I have started to rebuild the car. But the tires have rotted away. The rims I have for the car are 3 pices. Screwed togeather with 5 screws. the rear rim measures... 2 1/8" X 1 316" with a brad of 1 1/2". I am looking for knobby tires, and paddle tires for the rear. Is there a special type of tire I should look for? Or will most tires fit thease rims?

    Thank You.

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    they have a proprietary bead. only tires made for them will fit. Tamiya re-released the Frog so there is spares. the rear tires for the Hornet and Grasshopper will fit.
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    Only those tires will fit which are made for that rim. Better you should go for new rims and tires it will also helpful for your car also.. It would run smoothly.

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