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will 3s x2 batteries in an e revo overheat??
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Thread: will 3s x2 batteries in an e revo overheat??

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    will 3s x2 batteries in an e revo overheat??

    Is there any issues of overheating lipo batteries in the e revo. i know it has cooling vents but my nimh batteries still get pretty hot. so does anybody know if the e revo has battery overheating issues with 3s x2 lipo batteries

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    Only if you gear it too high. With appropriate gearing I can hold my hand on the motor and ESC of that truck running 6s lipo. Your NIMH get hot because they have to work much harder compared to Lipos to deliver the current to that monster motor.

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    Just purchase a motor fan like I'm going to do. The esc already has one so both of them will stay cool. The motor fan is cheap and drops the temperature on the motor about 30 degrees. BTW I'm running 2X 3S Zippy Flightmax 5000mah 30C Lipos with 18/58 gearing.
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    try gearing it down... if you dont start and stop too often, you should be fine. also, dont do standing backflips... thats not as much of a heat thing as a drivetrain thing... its cool to watch, but kills ur gears

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    My first suggestion is to get better lipos. 20c rated batteries will not give you enough current draw to power the MMM the way you want. 25c at 5000 mAh is the minimum, 30c or 40c is ideal. Much beyond that is probably overkill and not needed for what you're doing.

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