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where does everyone bash?
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Thread: where does everyone bash?

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    Jul 2011

    Question where does everyone bash?

    Hi Everyone, the title pretty much says it and by where I also mean what terrain

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    San Bernardino Ca
    my backyard, local schools and parks

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    So Cal
    im actually pretty lucky in that iv got very diverse areas to bash in.
    my local park with baseball fields, short grass, tall grass, super ruff and coming apart asphalt and a pretty big smooth cement trail (it's actually a bike trail). right next to the park is a church with a nice parking lot. you can go there and run everything from pan cars to 1:5 scale.

    there are easily 5 elementary schools with pan car perfect asphalt playgrounds the size of football fields. most of which are fenced off but there are still ways to just walk right in

    there's a dead end street with no houses on it with ruff tore up and cracked asphalt that works really good for rally cars, and off road vehicles. and the place backs up to a small open field. if your cool with jumping the fence then you've got access to some hard packed dirt and grass of varying lengths and thickness's.

    there's an empty dirt lot that's really ruff and full of like oversized gravel. works best for 1:8 scale and MT's. although i used to run stadium trucks there back in high school with decent success.

    i used to be able to bash in my backyard but the house got added on to and the yard got split in half and is now about 35% smaller.

    i used to be able to bash in my front yard but there are just to many cars parked in the street to do that safely anymore. visibility is to poor and the speeds of RC cars have increased to the point where the space is not really big enough anymore.

    then there's a few places that involve trespassing to bash in. mostly BMX trails. or open dirt areas off a couple of the bike trails.
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    Awesome i wish i had that many places to drive, I live right next to a national park and around my house is pefect for monster trucks... that I don't have lol but it has an 8 foot cliff, a gravel driveway, short/long grass, a pond (it's empty so it's like a bowl at a skate park), loose dirt... the list goes on. in the local area theres a skatepark, about a 20 min drive from my house theres a dirt area with a circuit of jumps (not a bmx track it's just 2 burms with 6 jumps in between, and right next to that there's another skate park (just a huge half pipe) near the bmx jumps there's a 250 meter asphalt strip as well. that's bout it

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    Either at my university or at the beach alot.
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