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8ight mini or Savage SX
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Thread: 8ight mini or Savage SX

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    8ight mini or Savage SX

    i never have really been a fan of bashing trucks. but that savage looks crazy. as well i like the handling characteristics of a 1.8th scale buggy and the mini 8ight looks like its going to deliver... any ideas guys?
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    i blieve the the savage is perfect for bashers that want some speed and it can go anywhere but will be damaged on pavement bashing. it is not ment for street bashing unlike the losi its limited but where do we mostly bash the street. the losi is still great because it built off a race proven chassis and a overall awesome car. so really you cant go wrong with either one

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    I think the savage xs is great for bashing but the mini losi is better suited for indoor carpet racing.
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    I'll keep it simple.If you want to run out doors get the savage xs. the Losi mini 8ight is more for carpet racing or some kinda smooth mini track not for the bumpy unforgiven outdoors as it has barley any ground ever the Losi will take a beating and handle alot better because of the ground clearance basically you got a racer,the Losi and a basher the hpi savage xs
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    Mini XS. No question.

    If you look at the actual specs of the Mini 8ight, it's a 1/18 system, and super random 1/14 scale. Who else makes a 1/14 RC? Mind you you do a have direct fit 1/10 touring tire, but with $8 adapters I had them on my 18T. I like the "idea" of the Mini 8ight... but IMO Losi blew it.... I think it's them trying to invent a new class and to thorugh one of their 1/18 motors to sell their brushless systems. Too small of a motor in too big of RC :l

    The XS, 1/16, full 1/10 system, loads of choices there. Lots competition thanks to Traxxas 1/16 machines. I love when makers compete. Tire choices. Very Bash-able. Tough as nails, and RPM parts Im sure will come

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