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Traxxis 1/16th scale brushless
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Thread: Traxxis 1/16th scale brushless

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    Traxxis 1/16th scale brushless

    Hey guys, I have the brushless
    Boss 302. I'm running two batteries for a total of 14.4 volts. Ths thing is fast. Which is the problem. I cast get traction. Does anyone have any suggestions for wheels and tires to improve the traction issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    Well anything with a 4s Lipo will break traction, and once at high speed air gets in the body, making a wing or parachute taking wight of the wheels, causing less traction. That's why you see ShortCourses spin or blow-over or even randomly go into a rampless jump.

    Im not sure of many makers that make on-road 1/16 tires is the problem. That's why I still kind of don't like Traxxas's choice on 1/16... no very main-stream I guess the phrase would be

    the only thing I can think of is a Traction compound on the tires, or more down-force on the body :l

    EDIT: After doing a bit of googling... I found I know nothing about On-Road and there's no traction compounds of solid rubber tires, there are only for foam tires.
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    Well, I tried some 1/10 scale dish wheels with some actual tires with better grip, and i'm still breaking traction. What's sad is i'm not even running lipo, i'm using dual nmhd batteries in series. I'm thinking about just going back to parallel for the extended run time.

    And as far a the "sail" effect goes, i'm not even getting fast enough for that to be a issue. It breaks traction at all speeds. Even if I feather the throttle trying to get to full speed, at about 3/4 throttle, the rear end will step out and the car starts to spin. Would the center diff help with this?

    Any other thoughts on increasing traction? I don't really want to put a wing in it just yet since there are really no replacement bodies for the Mustang yet. This is starting to piss me off...

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