I dont lose any sleep over crashed planes but just wondering if this has happened to anyone. The deceased plane is just a homemade foam 20" 2 oz with brushless motor. I flew the deceased plane in the morning followed by a couple of other planes. Later in the afternoon I went back and flew the deceased plane. I hand launched it and when I got my right hand back on the sticks I pulled full up to do a loop 10 feet off the ground. I know, mistake number one - let it get some altitude first, but I have been flying for 30 years. Anyway instead of doing an inside loop it did an outside loop and was heading right back at me, I cut the throttle and it crashed into pavement 3 feet in front of my toes. I know, mistake number 2 - check controls every flight. Somehow the elevator got reversed in the DX6i for that model. I did not change the setting. I remember this happening a couple of times before where before lauching a plane I noticed that ailerons were mysteriously reversed. Is my TX haunted or is this common with the Spektrum radios?