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rc electric motors
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Thread: rc electric motors

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    rc electric motors

    hey guys I'm new to this so i don really know that much so anyways I've been fixing up this old rc truck for a friend of my dad's and it needs new brushes for the motor (and thats understandable considering the fact that the truck is about 20-30 years old, I know this because the foam for the tires was cracking and falling off) I just don't know the difference between the different types of brushes. Oh, and another thing THE TRUCK DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE BRAND LABEL ON IT, the guy at the hobby shop thought it was an old Team Associated but i'm not sure, I think it was meant for ether on-road racing or oval. It has a purple Chevrolet truck body and a metal frame thats like a yellow goldish color if this helps me figure out what kind of truck it is I'd be very happy. Any input helps.=)

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    post some pic so we can have a better look at it and i konw there is two types lay down and stand up. check the motor and see if the brushes stand up vertically or lay down horizontally

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    im almost a hundred percent sure you have a rc 10, i fixed one up, and it had the same chassis... does the chassis fold up at the sides? are the arms white? if so, it might just need a new motor if its that old, other things could be wrong with it

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