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Hey guys... Which is a better basher - Page 2
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Thread: Hey guys... Which is a better basher

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    BTW, of the cars mentioned in this thread HPI Savage Flux is the best car. Lots of fun and durable as hell

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAVAGEry View Post
    Would get Savage XS, Stampede 4x4 or Savage Flux c",)
    Ive heard the Savag XS isn't what it's cracked up to be, but Savage Flux... SICK but also $600
    B4 Mamba. 'Nuf said.
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    Definately get the MERV, I have the momma, runs GREAT! Mini will do instant backkflips!
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    Watch squirrelod's upgrade guide for the savage xs... it's a better car than traxxas minis... better handling, more speed AND control... get some alu shocks and a new servo and you got a beast!
    yeah, Savage Flux is expensive, but so is the E-revo, where the Savage Flux is waaay more durable

    anyway... all of the trucks mentioned in this thread are great vehicles. Go for the one that you want the most and you will NOT be dissappointed

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