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Thread: Can i convert vintage Tamiya cars to run Lipo batteries?

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    Question Can i convert vintage Tamiya cars to run Lipo batteries?

    Having just dug my old Tamiya cars out of storage i was wandering if it is possible to convert these to run on Lipo Batteries(Falcon circa 1985 and Mud Blaster circa 1987).
    Do i Buy an after market Lipo cutoff switch or try to find an ESC with one built in.
    I'm concerned that the motors are designed for 7.2v whereas Lipo seem to be 7.4v.
    Any advice and or recommendations would be much appreciated.

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    I'd think the .2 more votage will be fine I have not had a problem. I have not changed anything on mine(hornet,Hummer) I just stop before the battery gets low, I would suggest some kind of lipo cut off though just to be safe.

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    hey whats the deal with the low voltage cutoff, why do the lipos need the low voltage cutoffs

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    The old RCs can't handle brushless and LiPos together because the transmissions weren't built to handles the power.

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