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I cant make my mind up on what to get next! - Page 2
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Thread: I cant make my mind up on what to get next!

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    You'll be happy with what ever you get, Summits are pretty sick and will surprise you with what they can do for sure, the Pede is more towards high speed jumping off roofs and barley get a scratch, insane stunts type thing. Summit is more smash everything, drive up a near vertical cliff with a river running down it type thing....

    Just make sure you realize how much even just tires cost on a Summit. $36 just for new stock tires, and you still need wheels and glue But they do last a very long time. Like, very long time compared to other tires.
    B4 Mamba. 'Nuf said.
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    Yea the three main expensive things are esc,tires,batteries. The rest is pretty cheap for stock replacements though. Still likable said should last a long time. Good luck.

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    After this weekends bashing of my pede 4x4, and only a few broken parts ..... say maybe 20 dollars to fix. I would highly recommend the pede 4x4. The only thing I have added was a 50 dollar venom lipo battery. Its a 2s 25c 5000 mah. And for me being a noob and all its more fun than I could have imagined.

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