Hey all I just tuned my 2wd VXL Slash down for my 6yo son to bash on a bmx track
It stood up well and he found it easy to control
What I did was move the shocks in to the closest hole on the arms, moved the A arm up to the highest hole on the rear carrier, added an extra 10mm spacer to the rear springs and 5mm to the front, fitted stampede rims and tyres, fitted a 2s battery and ran it in training mode with 23/86 gearing. It was still fast enough for him to get a good 10-12 inches of air over the jumps and cut up the track at a top speed of around 15-20mph but not break anything. Hes a happy camper now and I wont have to hog the slash for fear of him damaging it lol

Note: the stampede tyres dont allow full turning on the front with out scrubbing so I run about 75% expo, the tyres add a heap of traction and allow for much smoother bashing so its definately worth it