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Been screwed over. Need help.
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Thread: Been screwed over. Need help.

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    Question Been screwed over. Need help.

    Hey guys; I have some questions and more. I was out one day and was not
    thinking at all. I didn't do any research on the RC I got. (Tornado s30) Now
    I had some problems and found I had a faulty carburetor so I returned it to
    the Hobby shop I got it from. At that time he said he'll fix it or replace
    it. Now the company that make it is Redcat and I tried to talk to them and
    it was as they tried to say that it was my fault that there is nothing wrong
    with there products. I found out that is not the truth. Now the guy I got it
    from couldn't fix it and at that time I said that if you can't fix it then
    can you replace it or better yet take it back and give me a electric RC. So
    he did so and ones again I didn't check it out right because he fucked me by
    giving me one that was not brushless nor waterproof. Plus he also had me pay
    him $30.00 more for the one I got now. (Valcano epx). Now I got this truck
    that is slow and it's got me really piss-off. I need help on how to report
    this. They sale shitty products to people plus you can't get upgrades for it
    nor can you go to any hobby store and get parts for it. You are stuck with
    only redcat. I find that to be fuck up. Please give me your feed back about
    redcat and more. And how to go about reporting & dealing with the hobby
    store I bought it from. I'd really like to know your advice. I have spent
    about $400.00 total on this fuck up mess. I really wish I didn't buy
    anything. Even though I love having a RC like when I was a kid but I'm not;
    I have four boy's from 20 years old to my 6 year old. I thought it would be
    good so I could get my youngest outside more. I was sick of watching my kids
    play Xbox360 all the time. Thinking that the RC would be great way of
    getting my son outside more but found it to be more of a headache plus even
    with a 3600 nimh battery it doesn't last very long. I'd say about 10 minutes
    long. wow. I am looking to buy a new RC and I noticed you guys on facebook
    so I'll be looking for a good RC truck thinking of getting (Axial Wraith
    Rock Racer) or (E Revo VXL RTR) please give me your advice on the two. I'm
    thinking the rock racer but want to know more. Thank you for your time and
    so much more.
    P.S. here is the names of both places that have to do with my RC Hobby Shop
    6750 W. Cameback Road Suit #101 Glendale, AZ 85303
    Phone: 623-247-1664 E-mail: Owner: Kevin Lam Redcat
    Racing 23 West Watkins Street Phoenix, AZ 85003
    Phone: 602-454-6445 E-mail:

    Sincerely, Christopher Bingaman (

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    Now if you are looking for speed, the Wraith is no speed demon in it's stock form, it's a fairly good RC, I own one ..makes a good Rock Crawler, plenty of upgrades out on the market, putting in the battery was my biggest complaint about this truck so far. The Revo? Mini or full size? If it's the mini it's waterproof and a speed demon ..basically you could build a m revo with upgrades..really... Now, if you are looking for a good deal Nitro ... has the RTR Jammin SCrt10 4x4 on sale for 259 last I checked, don't know how long that will last ... and if you looking for water proof ..stay with Traxxas

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    Ya stay with Traxxas and go with the mini erevo vxl, it is fast and it is an awesome jumper

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    report them to the better business bureau.

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